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Eating Ice Cream

Food Freedom Group Program

Imagine developing an easeful relationship with food, feeling totally at peace with your body and being completely free of any guilt or shame.

The Food Freedom Group Program offers women like you the opportunity to move from a feeling of helplessness to personal control. This unique framework helps you to establish a healthy relationship with food and your body, so you can stop living with anxiety, guilt, and shame and start living with confidence, peace, and fulfillment.

The truth is your unhealthy relationship with your body and food won’t be fixed with another diet.


You don’t need to count calories, macros, do a 21-day cleanse, or research the newest supplement on the market to inform you about what’s healthy; your body already knows what’s good for it.


What you will learn through this program is to get in tune with your body again, and learn to listen to its signals and their needs.

1-month group coaching (4 coaching calls) + support for the whole month

Group coaching: Text
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