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At the beginning I was completely skeptical!

I used to be so much into diets, basically since I was 10…

I always had issues with my weight and during my adolescence stepping on a scale was absolutely psychological devastating. Doctors were simply straight with me: my obesity was important and due to my young age, I had to take care of it and do something. So, I tried everything and eventually I made it. My weight was not a problem anymore (?). But what was left was fear…

Fear to get on weight again…

Fear to still appear obese in the eyes of others…

Fear to look myself into a mirror…

Fear to fail.

I was checking everything I ate, depending on a calorie counting, exercising a lot and NOT eating properly: almost zero proteins, no carbo and ending up the day eating almost a package of biscuits.

Clearly, this was not working!

Meeting Carmen was my hope. I knew nothing about health coaching, much less on holistic health approaches. But she was somehow so reassuring, competent, helpful, friendly that I asked myself “why not?”

We decided to build together a 4month plan with biweekly meetings of 1 hour, but constantly chatting on WhatsApp for day-to-day advises and support.

She sent me lots of super tasty recipes, easy to cook with plenty of new ingredients and since the beginning she told me “You won’t need to cut anymore anything from your diets”, “no need to weigh what you eat”.

My path is just at the beginning, but I feel like I learnt a lot and achieved so many successes in such short time!

I could never make it without Carmen’s support, knowledge and professionalism. Never felt embarrassed with her or judged; always there, despite the kilometres distance, being supportive and remembering me that “I am capable of making healthy & positive decisions”

I am definitely a healthier person now than ever; I feel stronger and food is not my enemy anymore!

Thank you, Carmen!

Valeria Marinaro, IT buyer



Hi there! I am happy you come across my website! My name is Carmen and I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and yoga teacher
Making the first step toward change is often the hardest thing to do.

But I am here to help you be the happiest and healthiest!
You don't have to do this alone.  I will guide you to find the balance you are looking for.
Let's do this together!

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