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Mindful Meal Plan

Have you ever tried to eat healthy but still wondered whether or not you are eating the best for you? 

Are you stressed because you don't have time to cook or do not know what to eat for lunch or dinner?

Or concerned if your breakfast is balanced?

I have the solution for you


this is not another diet, this is your personalized mindful plan for the best healthy version of yourself.

You and I will work together to find foods that not only protect your health and make you feel energized, but taste amazing as well. I personalize each meal with your favorite foods while respecting dietary restrictions, preferences, and concerns.

Why do you have to choose a Personalized  Mindful Meal Plan?

Fad diets might provide short-term results, but they fail to offer the tools people need to stay on track with their wellness goals. Blanket solutions like Keto or Atkins diets can be effective for some while others struggle to find a plan that meets the unique needs of their bodies. Rather than following a set of generic guidelines that anyone can access, what people truly need is a personalized meal plan that helps them change the way they think about wellness.

how does it work?​

Book the plan.

We have a 1 on 1 coaching call on zoom to know your needs, food preferences, goals.

I plan your 2 weeks meal plan.

you receive your personalized Mindful Meal Plan

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