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My Recipes Ebook

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plant-based recipes for the family

"Healthy Delicious” is a collection of my best Vegan and Vegetarian recipes for the whole family. 

Kids will love them too!

They are easy to make, some of them will take 

 less than 10 minutes. 

Every recipe comes from my profound love for healthy and authentic ingredients, my applied studies of the nutritional benefits of food, and my constant attention to the balance of taste.

All the recipes in the book are presented together with their main ingredients, method of preparation, and their health benefits.


What do you get

  • more than 30 delicious plant-based recipes

  • some of the recipes take less than 10 minutes of preparation 

  • Health Benefits' description in every recipe

  • Many kids friendly recipes

  • Many gluten free recipes

  • PDF file with direct download 

What people say about the ebook

I’m usually someone who likes looking at cook books more than actually cooking recipes from them, as I’m easily scared out of it by the complexity of the preparation or the large number of different ingredients. What I love about Healthy Delicious is that it is both really nice and entertaining to read, and it is really easy, rewarding and tasty to cook the recipes. 
I have already tried a few of the different recipes and I love how clear and simple they are. The taste of the dishes is pure and delicious. Often a little something is added that really enhances the flavors and gives just that extra little something that makes this dish stand out. The name absolutely sums up perfectly what this book is about and I can’t wait to try more of Carmen’s recipes!

— Sanne Chateau

The recipe book of Carmen is easy to read and as well easy to prepare.

I liked the various ingredients she uses for the recipes.

And that I don t have to think myself if the recipe is balanced makes it even more practical .

I tried the banana chocolate Bread mmmmmm and a salad so still a lot for me to try but so far it was very tasty .

Thank you Carmen for this awesome book and so easy to stamp it at home from a digital Version !!

— Mischa Visser

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